Orange Dragon Veins Agate Wire Wraped Necklace


Shipping to United States: Free

* if interested in the bead itself but would prefer a different color wire, chain and/or charm, please message me *

Dragon Veins Agate is one of my favorite colors to work with. This necklace is a 20mm orange dragon veins agate bead with square antique copper wire, Finished off with an antique copper square chain and silver filigree charm. While the length of the necklace depends on you, I suggest anything above 32 inches (see necklace length chart in photos) as that will give you the ability to either wear it long or double wrap it using the charm as another pendant, like you were wearing 2 necklaces.

**My pieces do come with a warranty so should any issues arise in the future, please reach out to me. While I can’t replace a lost necklace, I can repair and/or replace a broken one**

***** Free Jewelry- if interested, I have an array of pendants bought on a whim that I’m offering to customers for free with their order. I have such a large quantity that while I don’t have pictures, you can send me a message about what colors, length & style you like that I can work with.